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for visiting the homepage of our company. We hope that you will be pleased with our products and that the extent of the offered assortment of goods will give you full satisfaction.

The firm OPÁL has been founded in 1992 as a private glass processing shop.
At the present time, the firm is employing about twenty permanent workers and several external workers. The firm is engaged first and foremost in the production of classic Bohemian figural-glass shaped by blast lamp. This production links up with the long-term tradition of glass production in the region of Železný Brod. It is drawing from the experiences and craft of the glass production which is teached at the local school of applied arts of glass which is a unique school of this kind in the world.


The main programmes include the production of gift goods and of souvenirs in the following assortments:


glass figurines

we are offering as figural-glass, namely animals, fruits and various products according to the customers wishes. The offer comprises more than 200 different kinds of figurines which are available in about ten colour combinations.

glass flowers glass leaves on wire, composed in flower motifs. The customers can choose among 150 sorts in ten colour shades and colour combinations of these shades.
glass beads

lampwork beads in variety of design – ball,pear,olive and others, variety of size – from 4mm to the 40/11mm,with hand-lettered design conditioning for  producing glass jewellery. The customers can choose among 250 design in the 10 form,50sizes,10 colour shades.

glass jewellery

necklaces,bracelets and earrings in the variety of design and colours.Assortment   in the 60 sorts.

drink stirring facilities used for mixing sparkling wines and for mixing drinks, for pinning up fruits into drinks and the like. Offer of 15 different motifs and their combinations.
oil poor lamps products blown from fire resistant glass. Selection possible from 70 shapes. Available in clear glass only. The oil used in the lamps is supplied in 5 sweet smells and colours.
glass candle-sticks blown from fire resistant glass. The offer comprises 40 different shapes available in clear glass, matt glass and with coloured decorative members.
engraved tankards and drinking sets offer of 10 shapes of tankards and 20 shapes of drinking sets. The products are made either of clear glass or of lustered glass in red, blue and green colours, with engraved motifs (hunting and fishing motifs, ships, coat-of-arms, horses, dogs etc.); most of the shapes are provided with tin lids.

  All the mentioned articles are produced on order according to the customers requirements regarding shape and colour of the product.

In case of your interest, please ask for our pricelist and catalogue of products which contains about 80 percent of all our production.